AG Cilander x armasuisse

The production of camouflage fabrics for the army's new modular clothing and equipment system has begun. We hereby give you a small insight into our work.


Army tested: We are pleased to once again be able to finish the camouflage fabrics for the army's new modular clothing and equipment system. As a long-standing partner of armasuisse, it is a great honour for us to implement the order for finishing and coating the new camouflage suits, ponchos and cold protection jackets as well as tent articles. The cooperation with our partners goes hand in hand in order to guarantee a smooth process from the basic fabrics to the pre-treatment, finishing and coating, to keep to the timings and to guarantee the excellent quality and function of the textiles.

The camouflage suit "Kämpfer", as the first product, is the daily working uniform of Swiss soldiers. Made of a blended cotton-polyester fabric, there is a "light" and a "heavy" variant. The Light variant is used for the camouflage suit and guarantees excellent strength with a tactile feel and a pleasant wearing comfort. The Heavy variant is - as the name suggests - heavier and is used for caps. We, as AG Cilander, take care of the procurement of the raw material and its transfer to the weaving mill in a first step. We then take care of the pre-treatment and the final finishing, ensuring crease-resistant textiles with improved colour and abrasion resistance. During the entire process, we test the fabrics again and again for optimal finishing and perfect results.

In several finishing steps, we also equip the basic fabrics for rain ponchos made of polyamide with PU coating and fluorocarbon to achieve a waterproof as well as water- and dirt-repellent function. With the matching seam sealing tape, which we obtain from our Norwegian partner, we guarantee optimum performance for the army's rainwear.

For the tent article made of high-strength polyester, we coat the basic article, which we developed together with our partner, waterproof with at least 20 metres water column, opaque and resistant to hydrolysis. A fluorocarbon treatment also provides a water-repellent finish, which, with an additive, also protects against mildew.

Such perfection requires close cooperation. You can see more about our work and that of our partners in this video.