Versatility and reliable performance


Even after a long time, the best textiles do not show the heavy use and wear they are subjected to on a daily basis. The finishing processes therefore require, among other things, coating and end finishing at the highest level. In addition to high abrasion resistance, other properties such as breathability and flame retardancy are paramount. Our flame retardant, fire retardant and low-fogging finishes meet the most demanding industry standards. With further processing, e.g. for seat covers, carpets or roller blinds, AG Cilander can make an important contribution to increased safety in public transport.

Product range (extract)

  • Seat covers, carpets, wall coverings
  • Plush material and flat woven fabrics with permanent, wash-resistant flame retardant finishing
  • Flame retardant, fire retardant and low-fogging finishing in compliance with the most demanding requirements and industry standards

requested for the following and more

  • Flame retardant and smoke retardant coatings/textile preparation for transport in the private and public sector and in aircraft
  • Temperature-resistant sun protection

AG Cilander's USP

  • Wash resistance
  • Light and heat-absorbing darkening in mobile bedrooms with maximum safety in terms of reaction to fire
  • Roller blind which withstands a temperature range of 120°, (does not feel tacky at + 80° and does not become fragile at - 40°)
  • Low-fogging (prevents the formation of smoke in the event of fire – e.g. important for aircraft and cars), in accordance with the highest standards from the aircraft industry


Takes on the toughest temperatures – coated roller blinds provide effective protection

In our day-to-day lives, we value products that make our lives easier and offer real added value. The amount of effort and precision that goes into their development and production often remains unnoticed.

For more than two centuries, AG Cilander has been offering finishing processes that add real, lasting value to textiles. A product that seems unremarkable but offers a fascinating benefit is the roller blind that we produce for one of the world's largest automotive manufacturers. This roller blind darkens the interior of the vehicle, protecting passengers and the interior against the intense effects of light and heat. What makes this product so interesting is its coating, which is capable of withstanding a range of temperatures that spans 120 °C: The blind does not feel tacky, even at a temperature of +80 °C, and does not become fragile at temperatures as low as -40 °C. It features a flame-retardant finish and is produced sustainably, without the use of formaldehyde. As a result, this product is a true one-off, with no comparable equivalent – despite remaining somewhat unknown.

Products for the "Mobility" sector are finished at Cilander using the following processes