AG Cilander

AG Cilander

We add real,
lasting value
to textiles

A traditional yet innovative textile company based in Herisau in the Swiss region of Appenzell, we are one of the world's leading providers of high-quality finishes. Our success is down to our commitment to finding the perfect solution for every need. With a diverse selection of textile finishing services to offer, we can fulfil a wide range of customer requirements. We have every step of the finishing process covered: From pre-treatment at the dye works and high-grade finishing right through to final sign-off checks in our dedicated testing laboratory. And our expertise is just as extensive as our service. Boasting a high degree of flexibility, a strong intuition for market needs and efficient organisational and operational structures, we are able to ensure the very best quality.

Even two centuries after the company was founded in 1814, our curiosity and passion for innovative and long-lasting textile solutions remain as intense as ever. At AG Cilander, some 180 dedicated employees put their heart and soul into producing 16 million linear metres of fabric each year – figures we can be very proud of. The fruits of their labour are first-class, high-performance textiles with certified functionality. We also place great importance on continuously optimising our operational processes – always in line with the strict ecological and social standards we have committed to.



Our company has always had an international perspective and demonstrated incredible innovative capacity. In keeping with company tradition, we are prepared to make bold investments to develop new textile solutions. With a trailblazing sense of curiosity and an unwavering desire to improve, we add real, lasting value to textiles. Our passion for textiles has never faded. We take an open-minded, needs-based approach in order to ensure that our customers and staff are at the heart of what we say and do.


We breathe new innovative functions into clothing fabrics and technical textiles.

Our customers span more than 80 countries and benefit from our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of material, processes, formulations and application. We meet individual requirements efficiently, just in time and with uncompromisingly high quality standards. We are skilled partners for finishing services, while also offering customised complete solutions incorporating development, sourcing, logistics and quality management. Our fabrics, products and technologies are developed for customers in the industrial, traditional wear, interior design & architecture, protection & health, mobility, sports, and sustainable fashion industries.



  • Founded: 1814
  • Rebranded as AG Cilander: 1887
  • Total employees: Approx. 180
  • Trainee employees: Approx. 15
  • Investments: CHF 2–3 million/year
  • Output per year: 16 million meters
  • Maximum finishing width: 180 cm to 500 cm