Camouflage and more – optimum printing results, even on specially finished textiles


By ensuring that our goods are optimally pre-treated – ensuring a high degree of whiteness, good and even absorbency, good desizing, complete removal of any remaining tensides, and low conductivity, among other important criteria – we lay the foundations for outstanding printing results. Our long-standing relationship with our partners has given us the knowledge we need to offer printed products − from the creative fashion sector to functional camouflage print for the military. Our customers benefit from our combined, comprehensive expertise and detailed coordination.

Rotary printing

Using two rotary printing systems with a production capacity of 20,000 m/day, we make the most of the advantages that rotary printing offers in terms of volume and speed. Our printing system obtains its power from 100% hydroelectric power and, additionally, is entirely carbon neutral in operation. We offer additional advantages in the form of access to a comprehensive pattern archive, as well as in our ability to create incredibly detailed prints and specific products, such as sequins, foil or devoré.

Camouflage print

AG Cilander has outstanding knowledge and expertise relating to the manufacture of fabrics for the military and protective organisations. For this sector, products need to meet the strictest quality standards, including tear resistance, cut resistance, water-repellent properties and UV resistance. They must also be as lightweight, wash-resistant and easy to store as possible. As the print image changes because the fabric has a special finish, we always stay in close contact with the printing facility to ensure that the camouflage print is created to the highest quality standards.


Camouflage printing can be designed according to customers' unique requirements – we are also able to create entirely new designs. In these cases, we comply with both the lab values for colour metrics and the NIR values that are particularly important for camouflage.

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