Sustainable Fashion

Swiss Sustainable Non Iron Finish

Non-iron, crease-resistant and ecologically certified – clothing that meets every requirement

"Clothes make the man", as the saying goes. When most of us go shopping for a new item of clothing, the two most important things we are looking for is that the clothes are stylish and comfortable. But clothing that has been finished by us is a lot more than that: Non-iron, crease-resistant, soft to the touch and beautifully white – this is what we expect of our clothing and what continuously impresses our customers.

The challenge involved in creating our "Swiss sustainable non-iron finish" stemmed not only from the complexity of the processes and the lofty goal of achieving outstanding results, but also from the need to comply with the strict environmental and social standards that we at AG Cilander uphold in our actions and finishing methods. 

Thanks to the use of complex processes, our shirts and blouses still look good as new, even after long-term use. Using our unique moist cross-linking method, developed in-house at AG Cilander, we create (elastic) bridges between the cotton cellulose molecules, which enables the fabric to return to its original shape after being washed.

We continuously strive to optimise our finishing processes in order to offer our customers the best possible quality. Innovative technology and processes enable us to provide fabrics with a crease-resistant finish, guarantee a high degree of whiteness, and work without using formaldehyde.

Our fabrics are verifiably free from harmful substances and certified according to OEKO-TEX® and MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®.

Products for the "Sustainable Fashion" sector are finished at Cilander using the following processes