Interior & Architecture


Robust yet lightweight protection against sunlight and weather has never been so stylish

Providing excellent protection from the sun, wind and weather, our finished functional textiles are also in use in the events and architecture industries. In order to be suitable for use here, our fabrics need to be all-rounders. Weight is a decisive factor. The basic fabric needs to be lightweight – on parasols measuring up to 60 metres in diameter, every single gram counts. Another key element is its strength. As well as being lightweight, the fabric must be robust enough to face any freak weather events, and to withstand transport from one location to another without any problems. In addition, an essential factor for use in the events industry is that all common coverings must comply with the DIN 4102-B1 fire protection standard. This standard stipulates that the fabrics and materials used must be highly flame retardant and correspond to class B1. 

Uniting all these properties under one parasol, so to speak, seemed an impossible task. We were thrilled to take on this challenge – and master it with the development of Ultimate Sun Pro. Large parasols and awnings are the perfect combination of lightweight fabrics and our specially developed coating. This is applied during the finishing process and ensures that the fabrics are as strong as possible, while keeping the resulting increase in weight to a minimum. In addition, it means that the material meets the strict requirements set out in the DIN 4102-B1 fire protection standard – this remains a novelty for fabrics with this intended purpose. We are incredibly proud to have developed this coating, which represents a true innovation developed by AG Cilander and makes all this possible.

The material can be processed according to each customer's individual requirements and is suitable for large surfaces with a diameter of up to 60 metres. By adding special pigments, we ensure that the light reflecting off or passing through the parasols and awnings looks as natural as ever. 

Magic Sky, a German events technology company, was the first of our partners to use Ultimate Sun Pro. These sophisticated shading systems provide safe roofing options for a wide range of events.

Products for the "Interior & Architecture" sector are finished at Cilander using the following processes