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Reebok PureMove Bra Motion Sense™

A unique sports bra with integrated shear thickening fluid technology Sub-heading

No such thing as "no can do"! In accordance with this motto, we do our utmost to implement our customers' needs and wishes – even if this requires us to think completely outside the box, take new paths, rethink our previous methods and, every so often, take a step backwards to ensure that we reach our goal at the end. This is how we developed the PureMove Bra Motion Sense™ for Reebok. The aim was to create a bra that adapts to the wearer's movements – in other words, it needs to react adaptively depending on the intensity of the activity the wearer is performing and, as an item of clothing designed for universal use, provide perfect support throughout the day. It needs to be perfect for any activity – from yoga to jogging, from ball games to martial arts.

Integrating a dilatant gel into the textile seemed to us to be the ideal solution. This was innovation in the truest sense of the word; nobody had ever succeeded in manufacturing a product with this mechanism of action. No wonder – a fluid that becomes solid when force is applied to it cannot be processed on a large scale. This task presented us with its fair share of significant challenges: From understanding the mechanism of action to adjusting our invention in the lab, then developing a process and functional recipe, and finally converting an entire system.

In the end, this led us to the use of shear thickening technology with a dilatant fluid. Another key factor in this decision was the fact that the function of this unique material is not affected by washing.

Our journey towards reaching this solution was long and complex – don't be fooled by how inconspicuous this solution appears to be at the end of the development process (after all, it is invisible). What drove us to keep going during this painstaking process? The knowledge that, at the end, we would create a product that changes the game and offers real added value. The market launch of the PureMove Bra Motion Sense™, accompanied by a high-profile campaign including an appearance by model Gigi Hadid, was a resounding success. Reebok had this to say: "There's only one company in the world able to make a request like ours a reality – AG Cilander!" The PureMove Motion Sense™ women's tights, which feature the same technology, are also available alongside the sports bra.

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