Washing processes

up to 540 cm fabric width

Efficient, flexible and resource-saving using five wide washing machines


The five wide washing machines at AG Cilander enable fabrics measuring over 300 cm (up to 540 cm) wide to be processed.

Our washing processes are designed to remove foreign substances from the textiles. On one hand, washing processes are used to prepare the textiles for the following production steps. On the other hand, washing is used as an after-treatment for fabrics after finishing processes have been performed. Unwanted natural or product-specific impurities, such as soiling, preparations, finishing substances and other residue, are removed in this process.

Our range of washing technology means that we are able to work extremely efficiently while conserving resources. Two of our units are positioned immediately upstream of a tensioning frame, which enables us to run combined processes (e.g. washing/fixing) inline.


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