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Coating is one of the most important application processes when finishing textiles. When it comes to coatings, AG Cilander boasts one of the most modern, versatile plants in Europe. With these, we have every type of coating covered, whether water-based or solvent-based, whether the coating is applied using knife-over-air, knife-over-roller or rubber cloth methods. No matter which coating, any restrictions are always taken into account and our customers' needs are always accommodated. We can coat textile fabrics or knits of different widths, as well as non-woven fabrics and paper. We process polyvinyl acetates, acrylates, polyurethane, PVC, silicones, epoxy resins, phenolic resins, and more.

At our facility in Lützelflüh, we operate a state-of-the-art, versatile coating plant with which we can apply solvent-based and water-based coatings on goods measuring up to 320 cm wide. Extremely fine or heavy coatings are all feasible up to 250 g in one coating process and up to 1000 g and higher in a multi-coat process. The coating can be applied using rollers or the knife-over-air method; our range also includes indirect and transfer coatings on paper. We also meet all the conditions for wet and dry lamination.

All systems are equipped with exhaust air purification systems (thermal afterburning) and heat recovery systems. This enables us to meet strict emission thresholds and to ensure that no harmful waste gases leave our facility.

Reverse coatings

As well as direct coatings on textiles, we also offer reverse coatings. In these cases, the coating is initially applied to a release paper. In the next step, it is left to cure, before it is applied to the textile using lamination. The release paper can then be removed. Among the advantages of this process is the fact that it allows embossing and surface structures to be applied to the coating through the use of the release paper.

Aluminium coatings

AG Cilander uses a variety of coatings to finish an extremely wide range of textiles, for instance a wafer-thin aluminium layer to protect them from the sun. This maintains the haptics of the coated material while providing a resistant coating. We prepare textiles and substrates for metal, aluminium and gold coatings.


To produce laminates, all foreign substances need to be removed in advance so that the textiles can be stuck together. If the peel adhesion is insufficient, an adhesive substance or primer is applied. We can perform adhesion using reactive hot melt on products measuring up to 200 cm in width.

Wet and dry lamination can be performed on widths up to 320 cm. Depending on our customers' needs, we can also create individual membranes.

Heavy coatings

AG Cilander is capable of producing a range of coatings, even on heavy fabrics. Heavy coatings are used to coat rucksacks for the military, for instance, as well as for industrial fabrics.


Silicone coatings

At AG Cilander, we are experts in silicone coatings, which enable us to produce particularly thin yet hard-wearing waterproof materials. The right silicone type with the corresponding cross-linking systems is chosen depending on the field of use. The coating systems apply between 5 and 1000 g/m², depending on the use and application. Alongside application using the knife system, coatings can also be applied using the immersion application process if the coating quantity needs to be very low.

PU coatings

Different polyurethanes can be dissolved in aqueous and solvent-based media. For individual use, depending on the application, additives such as flame retardant, UV protection, matting agents and more can be mixed into the coating paste. This means that PU coatings are suitable for a wide range of potential applications. Whether watertight or opaque, all well-known coatings available on the market can be used.

All polymers that are typically available on the market, such as acrylate, polyvinyl acetate, fluoropolymers and more, are used alongside paint coatings at AG Cilander.


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