Surface treatment

up to 200 cm fabric width

From calendering to sanforisation – high-quality properties for your textiles


Our range of surface treatment services of textiles includes, to name but a few processes, calendering, brushing, roughening and sanforisation. We also maintain long-standing partnerships to ensure we have reliable, individual access to a comprehensive array of brushing, sanding and roughening machinery.


By brushing or sanding fabrics, we can achieve a range of results on textile surfaces, such as the popular "peach skin effect" or a carbon finish. Using special carbon brushes, we create a finer, shorter, denser fluffy effect on the fabric. The density and fineness is highly dependent on the quality of the yarn and the structure of the fabric, and is also key to how the fabric feels.


Sanforisation is an important finishing process – after all, the last thing we want is for the textile goods, which have continuously been tensioned during the production process, to shrink because of water or heat once the end customer has them. This possibility is intentionally prevented using our Montex sanforisation system without the use of any chemicals. Our sanforisation system enables us to achieve extremely high dimensional stability in the warp direction – generally between -1% and -1.5%.


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