Quality fabrics for Arab states

High-quality traditional wear that is made in Switzerland – for over 50 years, Cilander has been creating the finest fabrics for the Middle East and Africa in a highly challenging area.


22nd March 2023 marks the first day of Ramadan for Muslims across the world and Cilander undertook the work on this special season in the year a long time ago. As the world's leading manufacturer of traditional wear, we produce the yashmagh, dishdashas, jacquard fabrics, Sudanese toubs and ghutras that are traditionally in demand.

A ghutra is the white head covering worn by men in the Arabian region, and it was with this garment that the story of Swiss ghutras made by Cilander began over 50 years ago. A long-standing tradition! Year on year, we have met the high demands of the wearers in this region in terms of the quality, fineness, high degree of whiteness, perfect straight fibres through to the large areas of moiré effect and a long-lasting crisp feel. And what's more, since we have been supplying the luxury segment for a long time, we also offer customer-specific applications such as gold or silver edging.

It is a connection that clearly shows us how we have used prestige and quality standards to bring this to such a unique level. But also, just how much value the Middle East places in high-quality traditional wear that was made in Switzerland! It is always an honour to be a trustworthy partner for our customers in the Middle East.

You can learn more about our work for the Middle East and Africa in this video.