Certified Quality

OCS certified textiles are made of at least 95% certified organic material


Certified quality and first-class function have always characterized the fabrics that go through our finishing process. We work tirelessly to optimize our processes to achieve excellent performance - always keeping in mind the strict environmental and social standards under which we operate as AG Cilander. That is why we are pleased to now be able to equip new products according to the Organic Content Standard (OCS).

The OCS is an international standard that requires the textiles used to be made of at least 95% certified organic material. The aim here is to increase organic farming and give the organic fiber farmers involved broad access to the global organic market. Through de OCS, we can map the entire value chain and thus trace raw materials from source to end product. For our customers, this brings the benefit of maximum transparency, as they too can comprehensively view and verify supply chain compliance.